Green Power is the general importer of agricultural machinery and spare parts manufactured by

Rolmako. We offer you a warranty service and availability of spare parts for Rolmako machines

in attractive value for money. After-sales service of agricultural machinery is treated by us as top

priority. Our service department are people always available to help and serve a large store of

knowledge and a high quality of service. The agricultural machinery we offer are manufactured in

Poland with the use of modern technology, i.e. laser treatment, robotic welding, CNC machining,

powder coating and so on. The Rolmako machines succeeded on the international markets due

to the high aesthetic performance, branded components (OFAS, SKF, SCHUMACHER) and the

best value for money in the industry. Through the high quality of our services we want Rolmako

products to meet the expectations of all customers and users of Rolmako agricultural machinery,

as much as possible.